Friday, July 27, 2012

Robbery 101

A robber walked into a local gas station in Portland, pointed a pistol at the clerks and demanded the money. The two workers realized that the gun was one of those realistic-looking fakes, with the orange muzzle tip sawed off, so they jumped the guy and held him until the police arrived.

Must have pretty good eyes, I thought. Some of those replicas are dead-on. 

And then I came to this in The Oregonian's Story:

"The two employees realized the gun was fake when the man accidentally dropped the gun and it split into two pieces, said Avinash Maskey, 24, who works the morning shift at the gas station ..."

I wouldn't be surprised to see that pop up on the Leno show ...


William Adams said...

Link isn't working.

Is it this?

Steve Perry said...

Yes, but it looks as if the paper is having some site problems -- I couldn't link to it first try, but got through on the second. Dunno why.