Monday, July 16, 2012

Next Food Network Star

So another of my guilty pleasures, Food Network Star. They revamped it this year, working with established players–if you are a foodie, all you need are their first names: Bobby, Alton, Giada. 

Down to four finalists, and America votes this week.

And for money, it's Justin, all the way. 

I saw him referred to on a site as "adorkable," and that pretty much nails it. We've been calling him "the geeky kid" all season, and if he doesn't win, I suspect it won't matter, because he's gonna get a show of his own; I'm betting he wins it anyhow, been his to lose from the first episode ...

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Jay said...

Chalk me up to being drawn into this series as well. I had a feeling it would be him since Alton doesn't want to return to that type of show and Justin's quirk fills that void. I was torn between him and Michelle. While I like Justin, there is something about a show about New England that appeals to me.