Thursday, July 26, 2012


Before, above. After, below:

Couple years ago, I posted a note about re-purposing an old treadle sewing machine base we had. The story is here, but the essence is, we got the thing as part of the deal to buy our first house–the old lady who owned the place died, and the sewing machine and an old manual typewriter were in the house, and we asked for them to be included. 

The treadle served in various incarnations, including most recently being a plant stand with a slab of granite on top.

When we got our new TV (and the men here will appreciate this) we had to move all of our furniture around. Kind of like falling dominoes, this goes here, then that has to move over there, and that means this other thing has to find somewhere else to live ...

Um. Anyway, my wife was looking for a new place upon which to set her sewing machine, and decided that the treadle, being exactly the right height and all, would be perfect. As it happened, the TV cabinet, now home to assorted storage, had a pull-out shelf we never used, a nice piece of cherry wood with a lip on it, and guess what? Just the right size for a sewing machine ...

So mi esposa cleaned up the base, primed it, and sprayed it flat black, which brought it back to what it looked like originally. I mounted the shelf, and voila! a new sewing machine table, total cost about ninety-nine cents, for the rubber washers I used on the wood screws. Everything else, include a couple cans of spray paint, we already had in-house.

Not exactly This Old House, but a nice piece of furniture for naught but a little effort. 

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