Friday, November 04, 2011

You and Me Dupree

My fellow writer, and former editor at Bantam, Tom ("Mississippi") Dupree, has a blog in which he discusses various topics I usually find interesting, which is why there's link to it in the sidebar. He's got another post up that might be of interest to Star Wars book fans, in which I get  mention. Have a look.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to note in my post that the "Wookieepedia," the fount of STAR WARS info, claims that my nickname is "Mississippi." THIS IS NOT TRUE. The *only* person who calls me this is yourself, Mr. Perry, since I also refer to you as "Lewsiana." [Once, before we'd ever met, I believe we found ourselves at a convention banquet by screaming out these two words.]

But you did co-dedicate SHADOWS to me, which is why the nerdiest of STAR WARS fans will insist that my nickname is "Mississippi." Such is the power of the printed word. So be it.