Thursday, October 27, 2011


If you have reason to carry a handgun concealed upon your person–say, you've gotten death threats, transfer large amounts of cash or jewels hither and yon, or are simply being prudent in places where life and limb might be at risk? You can, if you are a citizen come into his or her majority, and neither felon nor a nutjob, in some states, obtain a license to pack such hardware.

Not all states allow this, but most do. There are various requirements in those that offer carry permits; check your local laws. 

If you have a valid permit in one state, there are other states that recognize and offer reciprocity. If you go here and click on the state in which you have a current license, the generator will show you the states that will honor your permit. Just in case you need it.

The video is to show that it is possible to conceal a handgun upon your person ...

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