Sunday, October 30, 2011


Another TV show being shot in Portland is Grimm. (Currently, there are three in production here, including Leverage and Portlandia. The later two are cable, the new one, NBC.)

Grimm's premise is simple: A local cop is one of the last of the Grimm family line–those brothers who told all the gruesome fairly tales later to be cleaned up and made antiseptic by Walt Disney. Only they weren't made-up, but what the Grimms actually saw.

Werewolves and vampires and zombies, O my ...

It seems that the evil creatures among us are hidden by glamour, which prevents normal people from seeing them as they really are. Grimms can see them, and since they can, they are the default monster-slayers.

The monsters know this, and when they spot a Grimm, they try to take him out.

A little Nightstalker, bits of Harry Potter, some Buffy, all the elements you need.

Our Hero, Nick, is a Portland police detective who starts to see these critters and thinks he is losing it. His Aunt Marie, who raised him, shows up, a bald woman pulling a tiny Airstream trailer, and as she's telling him what's what, they are attacked by a monster wielding a scythe. Nick manages to cap the monster, but Marie is injured. She gives him a special guard-it-with-your-life key and is hauled off to the hospital.

And oh, by the way, your parents didn't die in an accident, they were killed fighting monsters.

Say what ... ? 

Later, Nick goes into the Airstream and pokes around, finds the Book of Monsters, and ...

There's also a B-story, a werewolf killing joggers and kidnapping children for midnight snacks, and a fiancee Nick is about to marry that Auntie has told him he has to get rid of ...

The atmosphere in and around Portland is a starring character, green, moss on the trees, local hiking trails and buildings. Might do for us what Twilight did for Forks, Washington.

Or not. It's a big rough. The show has promise, and since it is local, I'll watch it to see the scenery. The coming attractions depict a friendly, joined AA-kinda werewolf, and that could be interesting.

My favorite part so far is Aunt Marie's Airstream trailer. This is a bit smaller than the camper my wife and I have, so it's tight on the inside. Or, it should be, but apparently the magic extends into n-space, so that the inside of the tiny trailer is about the side of a rock star's travel coach, since it is easily twice as long and wide as it looks from the outside. (There is a width limit on these things, otherwise you have to travel with a truck and flashing yellow lights and big signs what say OVERSIZE LOAD. If you are my size and you stand in the middle and stretch your arms out, there's not going to be more than a foot from your fingertips to the sidewalls, unless you have slide-out walls, which the Airstream doesn't.)

I want to see if they address that ...


Anonymous said...

Supernatural, the TV show, 2.0?

steve-vh said...

set a timer for this and it didn't record so I forgot about it. So was pleased to find it was available on demand. Started right from the beginning and have enjoyed the first two episodes emensely. Thanks for the recommendation!