Sunday, December 19, 2010

People Who Don't Have Enough To Do

Steampunk Nerf™ guns ...


Chase said...

Awesome! I like it, especially the last one. What material you used?

Steve Perry said...

Not mine -- these are all off the net.

William Adams said...

The thing is, w/ increasing automation and production efficiency, people should be able to work fewer hours while still having enough money for the essentials of life plus discretionary funds --- esp. if people would turn off the boob tube. Arguably just turning off the TV would suffice, but I still would like to see a shorter work week.

First one is from:

Second is here:

Last one was for sale on etsy:

I've really enjoyed steampunk --- makes me want to re-read _The Difference Engine_, as well as old Verne and Doyle novels (I am getting a copy of the new translation of _20,000 Leagues Under the Sea_ published by the Naval Institute Press for Christmas though) and get out the old _Space 1899_ role-playing game.

I've especially been enjoying Girl Genius by Kaja and Phil Foglio.


William Adams said...

Make that the third one was for sale on etsy --- forgot to scroll down.

The last one is listed here:

but I can't find the original posting.