Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Langmuir Windrows

As somebody who hasn't kept his finger on the pulse of modernity, I am sometimes surprised by terminology with which up I haven't kept. Swimming about in my own Sargasso, I get caught up in the Langmuir circulation and miss stuff outside my little eddies. 

Apparently, I need to get out more.

Case in point: I have heard the terms "mow the lawn," "trim the hedges," "landing strip," in reference to pubic hair grooming; even "metrosexual," but until this week, I'd never come across the word "manscaping "

The neologism apparently came from the TV series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, in August, 2003. 

I can't imagine how I somehow missed that episode -- and series -- but miss 'em I did.

Bodybuilders in the 'zines have shaved it all off forever, and I know what it looks like; I just never knew it had such a ... well, faggy-sounding name ...

Live and learn. Never a dull moment.


steve-vh said...

Not wearing "Guyliner" either?

Todd said...

Or "meggings"?
I won't even ask about the manbag.