Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yum, Yum

Near our birthdays -- just around the corner -- my wife and I will sometimes go to the dunes, on the Oregon coast, around Florence. We camp at the port RV grounds, walk into town, shop, read, hang out, and eat. Two years back, we discovered Crave's, which had food to die for.

Just as good last year.

This year, however, when I got online to make reservations, Crave's was ... gone ...

Well ... crap!

But wait -- Now the same spot is occupied by Feast, and happily -- the only thing that changed was the name. Same chefs, same food.

So we ate. Oh, man! If there was any justice, we wouldn't have been able to get in; fortunately, though it was busy, we did get a reservation.

My wife had for her appetizer a beet salad. I had onion rings, though the onions were amazingly thin. Dianne's entree was linguini with mushrooms, I had duck breast with cherry sauce. Dessert was a baby cake -- caramelized hazelnuts in a vanilla cream sauce. Best meal in a restaurant I've had since, well, the last time we ate there.

I also had a beer.

Total cost? $54. Can't beat that, truly.

If you are on the Oregon coast and you are any kind of foodie, you gotta go there. Really.

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