Thursday, August 12, 2010


Like many people who offer blogs or other web pages, I have a link list. Scroll down a bit, there it is. These links are a mix: Most are blogs that I read -- or in one other case, write. The breakdown at the moment as I see it: Twenty-five links, sixteen of which are blogs.

Probably people out there who don't remember that "blog," comes from "web log." Some are commercial, some offer useful information, some opinion.

Ten of the links are martial arts related. (Others are by martial artists, but this subject isn't the majority of their content.) Four are primarily for and about writing. The others are commercial, news, general opinion, and -- a nice word from crossword puzzles -- olios.

Some of the sites are attended to regularly -- postings ranging from daily to every few days. Some bloggers -- there's a word that didn't exist a few year ago -- manage a post now and then, and it might be weeks or months between them. Mostly, if a blogger stops being active, I let the link stand for a while and then remove it. I figure that if nothing has been put up for six or eight months, the writer has moved on and and isn't apt to be doing much else with this particular effort. Sometimes I leave them up because the writer will have links that are still useful. When I can, if I find another site done by the same folks, I'll link to that.

If I have a gripe about personal blogs that I offer in my list, it's that most of them don't write often enough.

You guys need to get on the stick.


Todd Erven said...

Damned guilt trips. Fine, Steve. I'll do one tonight. Prepare for more geeky shit.

Dojo Rat said...

I'm tryin' to keep up!

John @ Dojo Rat

steve-vh said...

Yeah, I know. You shame me every day, pro or not. It hasn't gone unnoticed.
Can't do it at work obviously and the kids keep hogging it at home.
Of course, it being summer, I'd rather not be on the computer all day, and all night.
took a pic to post last night but didn't have time to post it, LOL.

Something else I vowed never to do on the blog was rant (so that can limit activity). I know it's useful for some bloggers as a venting tool, but I just saw it as draining exercise for me.

Dan Moran said...

I got tired of answering questions about AI War. Once I get the first half out (very shortly) I'll make a post, just for you. :-)_

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Yeah! All you damned slackers better get on the damn stick, NOW!

I hate people who let a full month go & don't post shit. Pisses me off, it really does. Especially those in the writers' profession. I mean, what excuse could you possibly offer for just not posting? Steve, you should REALLY put those fuckers on the hot seat, and start naming names!

Oh. Um...Wait a minute....

Belay all that. You should treat them with kindness and understanding. A gentle touch, if you please.

Dojo Rat said...

Damit Steve, It's Saturday night. Your last post was on Thursday.

John @ Dojo Rat

J.D. Ray said...

My blog's not in your list (and doesn't need to be, thank you), but you prompted me to go check it out. I thought I had posted something recently, but it seems that "recently" is back in February. My, how time flies...