Sunday, August 08, 2010

<--- I'm With Stupid

Somebody sent me a link to this, and remembering a discussion I had about why comic books do better when you let the pictures tell the story and use only as many words as necessary to set up the images, have a look at this one and tell me: You need anything else to get what is going on here?


Ed said...

Guy on the right needs a .com on his sign.

Anonymous said...

To which I can only say "No. Not even with a borrowed penis."

Viro said...

IIRC, Mel Brooks did a 60 Minutes interview about the time that The Producers* came out.

When asked whether is was appropriate to make a musical with Hitler in it, his reply:

"You have to bring him down with ridicule, because if you stand on a soapbox and you match him with rhetoric, you're just as bad as he is, but if you can make people laugh at him, then you're one up on him," he tells Wallace. "It's been one of my lifelong jobs - to make the world laugh at Adolf Hitler."

*The broadway musical, not the movie.