Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

We had plans for the weekend that included a double birthday party for a couple of grandsons, and then a nice jaunt into the Gorge to camp for a night or two on the river. But as plans sometimes do, these got altered: My wife is teetering on the edge of illness -- viral URI symptoms -- and better for her to take it easy, drink a lot of water, and see if she can stay ahead of what is trying to ail her.

It has been our experience that sometimes you can head off a cold or flu at the pass -- or at least ameliorate the process so that it is milder than it might otherwise be. As soon as you are aware of impending illness, you give yourself as much R&R as you can afford. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it seems to help. At the very least, you aren't out offering contagious stuff to family, friends, or co-workers -- or being exposed to what they carry while your own immune system is compromised.

So I'll carry the flag for the grandsons, and we'll lay low and see if we can thwart this bug.

Addendum: Our furnace hiccuped last night. Motor runs fine, no fire, so I'm guessing the igniter has burned out again. Did that a couple winters back. Fortunately, the house holds heat fairly well, the autumn chill isn't quite down to freezing yet, and we have an electric space heater. Plus lots of blankets and a working fireplace.

Furnace guy is in the area, will call us back, and maybe even get by today to fix it.

It's always something ...

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Anonymous said...

Hope everything turns out well for you, Steve.