Monday, October 05, 2009


Ye olde blogge here generally gets limited attention. Numbers of folks who drop round have climbed slowly but steadily since I started it, but aren't impressive -- over the last year or so, I've averaged around twelve thousand visitors a month, around four hundred or so a day. Some are regulars -- couple hundred or so, it seems, though that's hard to track precisely. And I usually try to entitle entries with something that does not artificially inflate the numbers when the search engines go looking -- no "free porno" or "Michael Jackson's Hidden Secret!"

For some reason, the last few weeks, the passers-by have gone up. Still not in the stratosphere, but on most days, half again the normal traffic, and a couple times, twice as much. Had a thousand-plus hit day recently.

I dunno why. I'm speaking to the same subjects I usually do, in much the same devil-may-care manner as always.

My stat counter shows referring links, and the log shuts off at a hundred, but there aren't any big clumps there. I have a few sites linked to mine that send as many as score or so of readers, but most of the hits, according to the counter's tally come directly -- i.e., "no referring link."

The proportions are the same, in that the sine-wave usually peaks mid-week and declines through Sunday, going back up again on Monday. (People must be sneaking peeks at work.)

Most hits come from the USA, but spread out across the country, no big surges from any one state. I get visits from Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, a few from Australia and Africa.

Broken out by city and even ISP, no big skews.

Decidedly odd.

I wonder if somebody is screwing with me ...


Stan said...

Hmm, mightn't it have something to do with your latest book, Sir?

Steve Perry said...

Could be, but I never noticed that bump before, and I've had other books that sold really well come out -- Star Wars, for instance.

Viro said...

Well, when you mention Travis McGee, the whole world pays attention.

Brad said...

Well, you know who your lone Africa reader is.