Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Horse is Faster Than Your Horse

There is a website dedicated to things silat, Silat TV, of which I am a member. Tons of videos, posters in dozens of different systems of this oddball martial art, from all over the world. If you have an interest in such things, drop by and have a look, it really is an excellent resource. 

Our art, Sera, has a page, started by Todd, for folks of this fairly small sub-group, and while it is generally quiet, there are been a few posts over the last few days in which I have been involved.

I dunno if you have to be a member to log on or not -- since I am, my browser does so automatically -- but membership is free. If you want to see the kind of back and forth that sometimes goes on when a bunch of martial artists get together, have a look here: Sera.


Mike said...

I was member Steve..until I found out who was running the site...Caveat Emptor..Am-Way is the motif of the day.

Steve Perry said...

It's fascinating to me to see how these discussions go. People are so sure that their kung-fu is better and that your is no good. And that by saying so, you are going to drop yours and hurry to learn theirs?

Hard to believe.

Steve Perry said...

I confess I sometimes enjoy online jousting more than I should.

Operor non planto mihi vulnero vos ...