Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Batman Goes Ballistic

Back around 1963, Dion wrote and sang a little ditty with the Belmonts, "Donna, the Prima Donna."

Ideally, when listening to the audio recording to be found here, you should also open the Roomates' Prima Donna vid below, turn the sound down, and listen to Bale rant with the song playing softly in the b.g. You should be able to keep two windows open and running together in one browser, and  it's a lot of fun to do it thus.

If profane language offends you -- don't click on the link. If you want to hear a big-name star throw a hissy fit, well, enjoy ...


Worg said...

I dunno how much you've been around people who ran out of cocaine...

The combination of that and stress is much, MUCH too much for a lot of people. Add star-level egos into the mix and you're headed for Betty Ford in a hurry.

Steve Perry said...

I've seen a lot of folks lose it -- not many among us who are in total self-control -- even Gandhi used to get steamed. But given the ubiquitous nature of electronic media these days -- there are cameras everywhere, and cell phones collect sound as well as pictures -- blowing your cool in a screaming rage and having it recorded is more and more likely.

Were I in the public eye like Hollywood stars, I'd assume everything I did outside my curtained house would be videoed, and maybe stuff inside, too.

At best, such an outburst makes you look like a childish asshole. At worst, it can get you fired.

Alec Baldwin's wiki will always have that bit about the pissy phone call he left on his daughter's answering machine

He's doing fine workwise, winning awards, but I bet he wishes the answering machine had never been invented.

Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer) shot his standup career in the head when he went off on a racist rant.

This won't seriously damage Bale's job prospects, he's too hot, but I suspect it reveals something about his character he'd rather not have floating around: "How excellent it is to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant ..."

Steve Perry said...

Our man Bale is all over the media apologizing, and offering no excuses. Even says he deserves the lampooning he's getting from sites like mine.

That's the only way out of a situation like this -- mea culpa, I was stupid, I'm sorry. Any kind of defense flops. I remember when Bob Packwood, the Senator from Oregon, got caught chasing a secretary around his desk -- figuratively speaking -- and how his non-apology apology blew up in his face and he wound up resigning.

Not the same for a movie star, of course, but it's nice to see Bale man up and take his licks.