Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What You can do High, You can do Low

In our version of silat, there is a move called "biset." This is a foot-drag takedown. While a sweep (sapu) usually moves toward the centerline of the person doing it, the biset generally moves away. The latter can be done along a straight line or an arc, and it can be done standing up or on the ground.

We do a lot of groundwork in Sera. Not as much as the Harimau folks, and it doesn't look like the ju jutsu guys, but we do spend a fair amount of time rolling around on the floor, or in the sand pit. One of the Sera principles is that what you can do left, you can do right; what you can do high, you can do low. And that there may come a time when you have to do it lying down.

Big sweeps and foot-drags are by their nature slower than small ones, and dropping to the ground and doing a sweep or drag is a low-percentage move for most of us. However, timed right, it can be really surprising to an opponent who hasn't had to deal with such a critter before. Plus the mechanics of it can easily be altered to change it to a kick or other kind of takedown.



Bobbe Edmonds said...

Um, That's NOT how WE do it.

...Just kidding! Looks like you guys had a great time, sorry I missed it.

Steve Perry said...

It was a fine gathering. Notable for getting a chance to meet folks I know online or by reputation. And to realize that the stuff I'm studying holds up pretty well when playing with others.

Some of that is the art. Some of it is probably, as Edwin says, just because I'm a mean old bastard.

I'll drop you an email with a particularly fun tidbit you might enjoy ...

Sean said...

I am sooooo disappointed I missed this... looks like you guys had a great time

Dan Gambiera said...

Bobbe, I was looking at the bottles in your last post. If you'd shared gas and a room you could have come down to Vegas with us for the money you spent on Belgian pisswasser

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Todd! There's no need to sink into vulgarities!

I said I was sorry I missed it, but I won't sacrifice the one thing that brings me unmitigated bliss as we travel through this veil of tears.

Call my nectar of the Gods PISSWATER again, frog-boy, and even my fear of your wife won't stop me.

Dan Gambiera said...

From what, switching to a better brand?