Saturday, August 23, 2008

Teaching a Lesson

So, last week in Portland, one of the the freelance hookers on 82nd was approached by a pimp who decided he wanted to add her to his string. He made his offer -- a demand, to hear her tell it. She declined, words were exhanged, he got physical, and she sprayed him with pepper spray and took off.

Next day, she's sitting on the curb when a car full of people pulls up. Same guy and a buddy jump out. He allows loudly that he is going to teach her a lesson! Starts at her. Whether he hit her then or the day before isn't exactly clear, but she had a black eye in the booking photo, and she says it was his fist that did it.

Why was she booked? Well, for prostitution, which she admitted. But also because when El Pimpo Sleazo went for our soiled dove with mean intent, she pulled a hunting knife and stabbed him deader than black plastic.


After consideration, the grand jury declined to indict the woman, allowing as how it seemed to be self defense to them. Me, too.

So, what do you suppose the lesson was?

Could it be, Don't mess around with a woman who carries a hunting knife and isn't afraid to use it ... ?


Dan Gambiera said...

The lesson? Even a grand jury can make the right decision once in a while.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Easy: If the free-lance talent has the stones to laugh at El Jafe', she has an ace in the hole. If I'm attacked by a 98 lb teenager, I don't focus on him.

I look for the bear he's packing, somewhere.

A working girl wiling to use pepper spray on Curtis Mayfield has an ace up the sleeve. Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves a knife through the gullet.

Which, from the look of things...

CReidS said...

If you assault people . . . you might bite off more than you can chew.

anonomouse said...

The lesson I learned is how a prosecutor wasted a Grand Juries time.

Steve Perry said...

The old saw is that a good prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, so there really must not have been much effort on the DA's part to chase this one. Prostitutes have rights, and self-defense is among them.

Yeah, it's terrible when a decent human being is murdered, but it's kind of hard to feel much sympathy for a pimp beating up on a woman who gets a fatal surprise.

Now and then, justice does get served.

Michael B. said...

Lesson...make sure you always pay your Hoe and don't fall may wind up with a Cesar Romero grin from ear to ear..literally!

AS to the thug...lay down with a dog get up with fleas...I wouldn't lose a seconds sleep.

Dan Gambiera said...

Actually Steve, Portland-area grand juries are among the most likely to return "no bill" in self defense cases. Who knows why? That's just one of the interesting things I learned talking with Mr. Ayoob during a break in LFI-1 some years back.