Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Worthy Cause

Teenage sensation Mariah Moore, known as the Escrimadora, who has won a bunch of martial arts tournaments, in forms and in stickfighting, is off to enter the WEKAF World Championships in Cebu, Philippines, later this month.

It's an expensive trip, and to help defray the costs, there are T-shirts and such, and Tribal Edge Knifeworks, has produced a beautiful knife which is to be sold to help.

You can see more pictures of the knife, and a description, on Moore's blog, here.

As I happen to own several knives hand-crafted by a couple of the four bladesmiths at Tribal Edge, I can attest to the fact that they do excellent work.

It's a great-looking knife and it's for a good cause. Look at that hamon.

Check it out.

And while I'm at it, whoever sends Mariah an email and gives her the biggest contribution in the next week (stickgirrl(at)gmail(dot)com) gets a set of rare, bound, uncorrected-proof galleys of my Venture Silk duology, Spindoc and The Forever Drug, suitably autographed.

Tell her I sent you.


charles said...

Hi Steve,

Not sure if my previous attempt at a comment crashed or not...so;

I wanted to thank you for helping Mariah and posting this link to her blog/auction. I really appreciated it! And offering the galleys? Wow...that's generous and amazing...thank you yet again!

She's a great gal with a lot of heart and passion. This auction will definitely help alleviate some of the financial burden.

Thank you again, Sir.


Steve Perry said...

I found the previous comment, somehow wound up in the email trash folder. My computer has been doing funny things all by itself lately.

I hope Mariah gets enough backing.