Monday, July 21, 2008

The Next Food Network Star

Adam/ Lisa/ Aaron

So, down to three finalists on my guilty-pleasure show last night. Big to-do in Vegas -- the three, Adam, Lisa, and Aaron, each had to shoot a promo -- we got to see the outtakes and the final versions. Then they had do do a buffet and presentation for a bunch of show people -- pirates, dancers, magicians, comedians, and even a few crossdressers, as well as the chefs for the hotel in which the thing was held, the Wynn.

We have been rooting for Aaron from day one. He's a hospital chef, if you can believe that, but his food has the most appeal -- simple, hearty, bold, and so far, he's won almost every show when it comes to fan and judge favorites. They've started calling him "Big Daddy," and he's the most likable guy in the competition, hands-down. He's still stiff on camera, but getting better.

Until last night, Aaron seemed the obvious winner. Lisa comes across as hard-edged -- she can cook, but you get the feeling that if you crossed her, she would run over you in her Cadillac and not look back. Adam is relaxed and funny, but until last night, most of what he has cooked has been so-so, no real focus, and a few times, flat-out awful. (Last night, his dishes were the favorites among the show folk and the chefs.)

One of the judges joked that they should pick all three: Adam to open the show; Aaron to choose the food; Lisa to cook it ... and he had a point ...

Aaron faltered on his dishes, and he tanked on his presentation to the crowd. His promo went well -- best of of the three -- and considering that Adam is an actor and generally funny guy who does very well on stage, everybody figured he would win this one going away. He didn't. Even Lisa outdid him in the presentation, doing an acappella song about her food that was great -- the woman can sing, who knew?

Last night, there was no clear winner -- nor an obvious loser.

That's the way the judges saw it, too. First time, they ended up deadlocked hard enough so that they decided not to kick anybody off the island -- er, out of the casino. So next week, it's a three-way showdown, back in New York.

If Aaron can loosen up in front of the camera, he's an easy win. If he chokes ... ?

Oh, the humanity!


Uliari said...

Is it my imagination or does Lisa look like a Romulan?

Steve Perry said...

She's actually quite the hottie -- slim, pretty when she smiles and means it -- and always dressed to the nines. A little too Dallas diva for me, though. Hard to imagine a woman who wears pearls in the kitchen in cutoff shorts and a raggy T-shirt.

Uliari said...

I guess I will have to watch this show for myself. It will give me a better prospective on Lisa...

I do regularly watch 66 (766) but I have stayed away from what I would call a 'reality' show. I do count Next Food Network Star among them. I have always watched Iron Chef (Japanese) and have enjoyed many of the shows on Food Network.

So I will be expanding my horizons...

Michael B. said...

Watching Lisa is absolutely painful, it's like she picked up the prperation H instead of her eye lands she squints and looks like some kind of well Romulan. I couldn't tune in and watch her..if she says Duck Confee one more time I am gonna burst.

Adam...oh gees where to begin, he reminds me of a less funny Christopher Multasante (Sopranos tough guy)...he isn't funny and he is only so/so in the kitchen.

We dig AAron..yeah I know he tanked the intro (what was that anyhow) but the brother can cook his butt off and is a real likeable fella.

It seems The Food Network is looking fro something a bit different..they let the best chef and good kid go (Shane) they have a butt load of overbearing, exuberant blonde young chefs...makes you go hmmmm.

We shall see but Aaron is our choice..

Steve Perry said...

I'm guessing Lisa wears contact lenses and the studio lights are frying her eyes. But, no, she is not likable, and that ought to be the killer right there.

If anybody but Aaron gets it, somebody ought to call the food police, 'cause somebody got robbed.

Plus, and I know this doesn't count, far as I know, the Food Network could use another brother. There's one husband and wife team just cranking up, and a couple of women, but the place seems pretty pale otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Lisa reminds me of that Madtv character, Trina Moss. A little too tightly wound and not able to deal with her emotions on a social scale. She's too busy keeping control of herself to relate warmly and openly. Fragile is the word that comes to mind.... or perhaps brittle.