Monday, February 11, 2008

Bye Bye Your Life, Good-Bye

Roy Scheider 1932 - 2008

Actor Roy Scheider has died. Probably he'll be remembered most for his line in Jaws: "We're gonna need a bigger boat." but he was in a bunch of movies, most of which I liked. Marathon Man, which did for dentists what Jaws did for sharks. Blue Thunder, a silly helicopter movie, with his response when asked by a pilot he detested if he thought he could handle it: "You flew it, didn't you?" And All that Jazz, my favorite musical of all time, for his take on Bob Fosse, in the movie about -- and made by -- Fosse.

He had busted-nose, no-nonsense man look about him and was always a pleasure to watch work.

Adios, Roy.

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Michael B. said...

Man that sucks, he was one of my favorites. Loved him in the 7-Ups and Marathon man. Another great one gone...RIP...

Brody~ "let him come down here and chum some of this shit"

Quint~ "Hooper Drives the boat chief"