Thursday, July 26, 2007

Strong and Fit and Big Muscles ...

... don't necessarily need to go together.

Chances are, if you see somebody who looks like he could pick himself up with one hand, these days, he is strong and fit -- the old musclebound stereotypes have faded, and a lot of world-class bodybuilders do aerobics and stretching. Very interesting to see a guy who can squat six hundred pounds drop into a full split ...

Then again, you don't have to look like The Incredible Hulk to be very strong. Look at guys like Scott Sonnon, or any really good gymnast. These folks are really strong, and sometimes they don't particularly look it.

Behold this little girl, with two kettlebells held aloft and two more on a strap around her neck, and that is the least of it.

The young woman's link courtesy of Tom Furman's Blog, and thanks to him for posting it.

If you have a chance, check out this vid. (And be ready turn the sound down, 'cause it is loud.)

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