Sunday, July 01, 2007

Living Here in the Future, part 2

So my stat counter tracks the last hundred or so hits, and most of these are, perforce, from the United States.

But, in the few hours, I've had visitors from Indonesia, Germany, India, Canada, Portugal, Finland, and the U.K.

How cool is that? That I can post some inane comment on a blog in Oregon, and have people from all over the world log in and have a look?

Amazing, really.

And how about that iPhone? I don't want one, don't need it, but that's a science fiction toy if ever there was one. I recall postulating something very similar in a book I wrote ten years or so back, I called it a "virgil," for Virtual Global Interface Link.

I didn't expect to see it until at least 2010 CE, and here it is it -- blew right past me. Way to go, Apple.


Ximena said...

Hey, you were only 3 years off.

Steve Perry said...

Might as well be three hundred years -- probably the equivalent in computer-tech years ...

Jay said...

Found your blog through Daniel Keys Moran blog. He has books I have been waiting for seemingly ever, while. You may not take quite so long but I do await your books eagerly. Not so much into the Star Wars stuff but whatever pays the bills.

The Matador series seemed to have run its course but the last couple have been very good.

Thanks for putting out enjoyable stories. I am a SF junkie but your works are some of the more fun stuff in my collection.

Steve Perry said...

Jay --

Thanks. Dan and I sometimes work the same territory, though he's better at it than I am.

Master Plan said...

POD Personal Omni Device

By the power of cloud computing, process shrinks, and software the iPhone becomes...anything.

Needs a couple more sensors built in to it, but no real reason you can't get 'em Bluetoothed and wireless attach to the main POD.