Friday, April 20, 2007

Techno-Dweeb Rides Again

So, a few months after I lit this blog, I went and found a hit/stat counter for the bottom of the page. No big deal, but I was curious to see how many folks dropped by but didn't say anything.

Turns out there are a lot more lurkers than talkers. I don't get much traffic, seven thousand hits or so since I put the counter up, but it's interesting to see where they come from, which the tracker tells me -- at least insofar as their net provider and OS go. On a slow day, twenty-five or thirty people log on; on a good day, might be as many as a hundred and fifty.

Yesterday, my counter died. Went blank. Several attempts to log onto the site that provided it came up with the "Unable to find URL" flag, so I'm guessing their database must have crashed pretty hard.

Fortunately, in the land of electronica, there are other folks who offer the same service at the same low cost, i.e., free, so I've added a different one. Unless you are doing mondo pages every month, the freebie should be enough. They track the most recent hundred hits for free, then start to over-write the first ones, but you can bump that to a thousand for nine bucks a month, and they can track up to a quarter-million. Not likely to be a worry for me ...

For people who use, it's very simple: You go to the counter website -- here's the one I'm using,

Once there, you fill out a form with name, email, your blog URL and a password. Pick out the button or counter you like, copy the HTML script that pops up, paste it where the page element section on your blog tells you, zip, you are done.

If I can do it, anyone can.

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