Tuesday, April 24, 2007


And what music am I endeavoring to learn to play upon my guitar to some theoretical good effect?

Well. Hereunder the instrumentals: (in the interests of full disclosure, on a few of these, I do try and sing along:)

Guitar Clerk’s Bane, 1969
(This is a quick montage of: Smoke on the Water, Stairway to Heaven,
House of the Risin’ Sun, Classical Gas,
and Blackbird)

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring


Bridge Over Troubled Water


The Minuet Baroque Down

Here, There and Everywhere
In My Life
Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Bouree in Em

Here Comes the Sun

Fleur de Leis

Canon in D


Hey, Jude
Cady Jo
Theme from The Godfather (Speak Softly, Love)

The Water is Wide

Ashokan Farewell

None of these can I claim to have mastered, but pretty much I can get from the start to the end on most of them, some of the time, from memory. (Not quite on Ashokan Farewell, yet.) Those in the public domain, or ones I've written, I sometimes share on Soundclick! The copyrighted work I'll need to get licenses for, if I ever feel like posting 'em or sticking them on a CD.

Maybe some day ...

I do have a whole bunch of songs that I strum or fingerpick whilst singing -- well, more like croaking -- along, ranging from The Kinks Lola, to Randy Newman's Sail Away, to some I've written, but since I'm focusing more on how to play the guitar, I don't spend as much time learning those as I do the instrumentals.

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