Friday, April 27, 2007

More on Air Rifles

A little research shows a handful of guys who make custom air rifles. Two of the most prominent in the U.S. appear to be Dennis Quackenbush and Gary Barnes. (Top picture is one of the Barnes' rifles, bottom, one by Quackenbush.)

These are not cheap, you have to stand in line to get one -- and the waiting lists are long, but the air guns look way cool, and there are hunting pictures showing what they can do.

These are PCP guns -- precharged pneumatic -- and while not anywhere near as powerful as the biggest conventional gunpowder rifles, pretty interesting

Whether you are into hunting or not, a guy with an air rifle standing next to a buffalo he just took with it is fairly impressive, vis a vis the weapon's punch.

To read about these, check out Beeman's Link page

(Apparently Quackenbush and Barnes don't, uh, get along all that well, and some of their postings make for interesting reading ...)

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charles said...

I have been priviliged to shoot some fairly impressive airguns...nothing quite as fancy as the ones listed here, but impressive in their functionality none the less.

It is scary what they can do. Talk about a blowgun on some serious 'roids... :-)