Monday, June 09, 2014

Party On, Garth

Party for an old friend, me playing the original song  "Mold ..."


I used to be so young and free, hard to believe I know/
Now I can’t get it up, and it’s harder yet to go (to the bathroom)
My hair is gray, my faced is lined, my arches they are shot/
My hearing’s gone, my brain is dead, my belly’s gone to pot.


God, I’m old / Sit down in my wheelchair and get rolled/

Wrap me in a blanket ‘cause I’m cold / 

spray me down, I’m all covered up with mold.


I used to party all night long, and labor all next day/

Now I’m sleeping while I work, and sleeping while I play/

The women all would smile at me whenever I would pass/

Now the women look at me and all they do is laugh (at my figure)



I used to eat my meat half raw, and chew it all to bits/

Now I’m droolin’ in my soup, and it gives me the fits/

My back is tired, my butt is tired, my pecker, it’s tired too/

My options are all running out, there’s one thing left to do 




Dave Huss said...

Hi Steve,
I don't post very often, ( I am not one of those folks that is under any illusion that just because I read your blog and stuff that we KNOW anything about each other) but over the tears I have greatly enjoyed how you share bits of your life here. I have laughed a lot and enjoyed how you have found and shared new hobbies and the yuke thing! I have one, I suck and I don't get it, but have really got into how you have been able to turn it into a whole new thing to share. Back to my lurking, but thanks for the posts!
David Huss, Sherman Texas

Steve Perry said...

Hey, Dave --

Thanks. One of the things a writer does is over-share ...