Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Musical Milestone

Went to an acoustic jam at The Lehrer. I had decided I was going to step up and do a song. I picked an old Sam Cooke number, "Bring It on Home," an easy three-chord blues. Practiced all week, felt pretty comfortable, but, you know, I've never sung a solo with my uke in a public house before, and I was thinking it would be kind of a big step ...

So my wife and I went. People started to drift in, the guy who ran it (a harmonica player) was there, there were four guitarists, a keyboard player, a flutist and a bassist. Came the time to get started, but the fellow who'd led most of the songs the previous time hadn't made it yet; another leader had car problems, and the harp player said, "Anybody sing? Can lead?"

I'd had part of a stout ale, so I said, "Uh, well, um ... I can. I got one ..."

I hadn't planned to go first, but what the hell ...

So, I wrote the chords down on the white board, did a little intro, and rolled into it. I sang a couple of verses, played chords for everybody who wanted to take a solo, then did the last couple of verses, and tagged it.

It went well. I was inordinately pleased.

A guitarist got up, led another song, but the real singers hadn't made it yet.

Harp player said to me, "Got another one?"

"Well, I can do 'St. James Infirmary.' How would that be?"

It would be great ...

Eventually, the real singers started to arrive, but meanwhile, I did two more: "House of the Risin' Sun," and "Woke Up Dead Blues," and I didn't screw up any of them.

Funny. That big step I was worried about for, like years? 

Nothing to it. It just blew right past, no sweat.

How about that?


Mike Byers said...

All right! There's no question you've got the ability; shoot, a couple of pro musicians I know were mighty impressed by your cover of "Dial-up Blues" and figured you must be in the business. So here's the deal: you do the recording and I'll do the graphics and layout for your CD, no charge. Oh, yeah! "Blind Whitebread Perry" gonna look so cool on that CD cover.

Anonymous said...

Mike, PLEASE don't encourage him - there are only so many hours in a day, and he's got books to write. Just kidding, "Blind Whitebread Perry", there ARE only so many hours in a day - do what makes you happy!