Saturday, May 03, 2014

Old Pro

Got invited to the WHC, to do a workshop. I thought they made a mistake: You want my daughter, I said, she's the horror writer.

No, she's already coming, we did mean you.


Well, when I first started, I did dabble, wrote a few shorts with horror motifs, but nobody remembers those. 

How about Aliens and Predators

Yeah, okay, science fiction, but an element of horror. 

What about Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead? Wasn't that about, you know, zombies?

Um, yeah ...

Maybe I will get that T-shirt ...


Dave Huss said...

Snuck up on you, didn't they?

Sharon Roest said...

You did great! I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the time you took to read my story and provide me with your feedback. Even my goofs, like the bit about the diving flashlight! Thank you!

All the best,
Sharon Roest