Monday, May 05, 2014

Marylhurst Hand Made Instrument Show 2014

We did our annual visit to Marylhurst this past weekend, always a delight. There were the usual instruments: Classical, acoustic, harp- and electric guitars; violins and violas; mandolins; flutes, banjos, harps, ours  and even a guy making harpsichords. There were some vintage instruments on display, old resonator guitars and a uke, even a pedal-steel from long ago. People selling instrument wood, inlay material, tuner buttons, shop gear.

And a few ukulele makers.

Talked to a few makers, admiring their art and craft. Had a fascinating conversation with the harpsichord maker. Touched base with Woodley White, who not only remembered that I bought a uke from him last year, but who wondered if I was still playing it in Low-G.

Typically, my wife and I make a couple passes through the showroom, then head over to the music venue, in the hall next door. This year, the old chapel had been redone, new floors and carpets and chairs, even new glass doors. The acoustics stayed great.

We listened to three of the fifteen-minute mini-concerts: Peter Zisa and Doug Smith playing classical and steel-string acoustic guitars by John Mello; then Travis Stine and Dane Lum Ho showcasing guitars and ukuleles by Kerry Char and Mark Roberts. Terrific players, all, and SRO to sit and listen. Maybe ... seventy-five, eighty people listening quietly.

Travis and Dane, who play in a local group, Dope Kine, did standards, jazz, and Hawaiian stuff, and were most impressive. Travis is our local version of Jake, and most adept. He rotated through instruments by Char and Roberts, three tenor ukes and a baritone, and they all sounded great under his fingers.

A few images ...

Above, Lute, by Ken and Emrys McWryn

Sunday Concert List

Harpsichord in progree, Byron Will

Ukes, by Kenneth Senn

Dragon, koa uke, by Woodley White
(Image is wood-burned in)

Koa uke, Kerry Char

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