Thursday, February 06, 2014


Seventeen degrees at Steve's house, eleven o'clock on a Thursday, blowing snow starting to fall. The prediction is for anywhere from an inch to eight inches, depending on where you are in the valley, and there's a stiff east wind that drops the wind chill down into single digits. 

Hummingbird feeder is frozen solid, and the stream down the hill is about half iced-over.

Say it might be an actual blizzard in the Gorge.

Had to wear the heavy jacket and a hat and muffler, with the Thinsulate ski gloves, to walk the dogs. The Corgis with their double-coats seem unaffected; I use the ThunderShirt on the Cocker Spaniel, although her hair has mostly grown out since we got her.

I wanted weather like this, I'd have moved to North Freezing Dakota …


Dave Huss said...

Well, we got the same tempature here Steve, but like damn, this is Dallas, Texas. Now I can sympathize a little, but you are at least in the norther half of the country. Dallas freaking Texas, Steve. And I mooved here to get away from lake effect snow in northern Indiana!!!

steve-vh said...

Obligatory Michigan weather comment here.....I'm tired of shovelling though. Helpful that I started Crossfit in October though LOL.