Saturday, February 08, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Okay, so we didn't get as much snow as the picture in the previous post indicated, and not a third as much as they did just down the road in Corvallis; still, there is about six inches on the ground, with the prediction of more to come, possibly mixed with freezing rain, before normal, plain-old rain comes to wash it all away in a couple-three days.


Even though this was predicted, Thursday was a disaster on the roads around here as everybody decided to leave work early, and apparently at the same instant, snarling traffic. Twenty-minute drives took three hours. There were multiple-car pile-ups on the interstate, some deaths. We aren't geared for more than a dusting here, and people who blow past at forty in a twenty-five zone wind up in a ditch or sliding into somebody else as often as not. 

One of the reasons, after thirty-five years, I still avoid driving in snow if I can is not so much I'm worried about what I do, but what that fool who thinks Jesus is his co-pilot and caution is for everybody else ...

My wife took her car our yesterday and the 4WD was enough, sans chains, to get to my son's house and take him shopping (for tire chains, among other things) but the stuff is packed down pretty good on the roads now, it hasn't risen above freezing for four days, and where cars stop for lights, the snow melts and then refreezes. 4WD helps you get started, but it doesn't stop you on an icy road real well.

We have enough supplies so we don't have to go out, save to walk the dogs, and with their stubby legs, we'll have to stick to the walks or watch them plow with their bodies. 

So, as long as we don't lose power, we are okay.

One of the luthiers I follow who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii put up a picture recently. Showed his car with a few ice cubes on the hood, with a note saying the temperature had dropped to 58ยบ F. overnight. 

In my should-be-writing-but-ain't mode, I've gone over the songs and instrumentals I am essaying to learn upon the uke. About seventy-five minutes of material. Somewhat ambitious since I'm a slow learner, but I'd like to memorize them in the next month or so. I can mostly get through them all using the cheat sheets, and half the instrumentals and nearly all the vocals from memory. Of course, memory is the second thing to go. The first thing is … um … ah ...


Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Baby Elephant Walk
Falling Slowly
Game of Thrones
Stairway to Heaven
Something in the Way She Moves
Quigley Down Under
Ashokan Farewell
Chariots of Fire


Addicted to Love
A Summer Song
Bring it on Home
Cakewalk into Town
Hey, Jude  
Hotel California
Let it Be
Methamphetamine Mama
One Toke Over the Line
Political Science
Lonely at the Top
The Second Time Around
St. James Infirmary
Wagon Wheel
Woke up Dead Blues
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

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elizabeth toll said...

I love the ukelele. It was my first stringed instrument and very popular in my family. Unfortunately, I've moved on to other instruments and the last time I picked one up, couldn't play a darn thing on it. I guess it's different from riding a bike that way.