Friday, October 04, 2013

Bad Boys - Two Incidents

This is the dashcam video of the shootout on I-84 a while back. An Oregon State Trooper pulled over a car for speeding. A man stepped out–he had children in the car–and refused to get back into his vehicle when directed by the officer. Then he pulled a pistol and started shooting as he advanced. Hit the trooper once, not seriously, and took a round himself, though it is hard to tell exactly when. 

The shooter then ran to his car and drove off.

Half a mile later he slumped over and died. I think OSPs mostly carry Glock .40 S&W's, which is a pretty good stopper. But even with a solid hit to the body, the perpetrator managed to drive off.

It's not a magic wand.

The children were unhurt.

Second incident involves a bunch of motorcyclists in New York City. A stunt rally, and at one point, they boxed in an SUV containing a guy, his wife, and small daughter. In the vid, you can see one bike slow down almost to a stop. You don't see when the bike gets hit, injuring the rider.

He was dicking around, and getting bumped was his own damn fault.

Everybody stopped and the cyclists decided to whale away on the SUV. Now these were not outlaw bikers, at least they didn't look like 'em.

The driver, doubtless terrified for his family and himself, drove off.

And over a couple of the cycles and their riders. These folks sustained serious injuries.

I looked at the video. You've probably seen it.

I don't blame the guy in the SUV. In his place, I expect I would have kept going, and run over a bunch more if they tried to stop me. If I am going to get killed and wind up in Hell, I want whoever was responsible to be holding the gate for me when I get there. Seems only fair. 

They chased the SUV, boxed it again, stopped him, bashed the shit out of his vehicle, smashed out the glass here and there, then pulled the guy out of the car and beat him.

They were outraged. They behaved like a bunch of assholes, but they were mad. 

Parts of it were captured on the riders' helmet cams. Another duh. Let's video our crimes, hey?

In the first event, we see a cop doing his job against a crazy with a gun. albeit not as well as he would have liked.

In the second, we see a bunch of crazies looking for trouble and finding it. 

I can't say I have any sympathy with the shooter or the cyclists who got run over. You feel sorry for their families, one cyclist might not walk again, and the shooter died in front of his children, but what the hell were these people thinking? 


Justin said...

In your opinion, was the shooter in that video military? He obviously dressed the part.

There's a big conversation that needs to happen about ex-military, and even active personnel, going off and killing a bunch of people. We are training killers, no bones about it. We hope they obey our orders, but what happens when they say no? What happens when the commanding officer is no longer telling them how to live?

We gave Saddam Hussein weapons back in the day. We have also trained Americans who have murdered Americans.

IRTBrian said...

Crazy people. We have always had them but guess what? There are more of us which means more crazies. Time to go train!

Steve Perry said...

No, he wasn't military. Guy who had moved out to Oregon, didn't find work, and was heading back east. Everybody who knew him expressed surprise, nobody expected this

steve-vh said...

Years ago had a similar boxing in episode with cars. Guys who warned me "I didn't know who I was messing with". And I'm the one with the 4500lb truck! Ultimately I did the same thing, hit one in front of me. After a brief "chase" by them, I just led them right to the local police station. The broke off, I went in and filed a report. They were waiting down the road. So I led them back and they tried to file a report of me hitting them. Knowing the report I had just made, they wrote them up for reckless driving instead, LOL. Got my student the local detective to move it on the docket and talk to the judge too!