Monday, July 29, 2013


L. to R: 
Meredith, Daryl, Steve, Mary, Jim, Dan, Harold, Anna.
Off to stage right, Steve C., on the hot pink ukulele

So Saturday, another gig. A little more nerve-wracking than playing at the assisted living place, because most of the audience this time consisted of real musicians ... 

This was an annual backyard party thrown by a musician and teacher. A man who plays like eleven instruments. He invites other musicians to come and play, some of whom are really good. Food, beer, a stage he built. First-class.

We didn't want to follow anybody, since we figured they were all way better than we were. They had us up third, we had four songs prepped and a couple of alternates, and we did five:

1. Sloop John B
2. Way Down in the Hole
3. I Can't Help Falling in Love With You
4. House of the Risin' Sun.
5. Midnight Special

Folk music, gospel, rock, and blues. 

Nine of us, singing and alternately playing: A kazoo, a banjo, banjolele, three guitars, two ukuleles, a gut-bucket bass, harmonica, a bell. And even bongos ...

Fortunately, we had Steve C show up, and since he is also a Real Musician™, he made us sound better. Rode like fifteen miles on his bike to get there, uke strapped to the back fender.

We goofed on only one song, adding in an extra verse, but nobody seemed to notice; nobody booed or threw beer, and they asked us back next year, so we considered that a major victory ...

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