Saturday, April 13, 2013


No, not the kind with swords, the kind that goes round the yard ...

Specifically, the back fence, whose age I don't know, save that it is older than thirty years, and probably closer to forty, since it was here and gray when we moved in three decades past. We've replaced the other two sides long past; enough so one of those needs it again.

It was seven feet tall, the back fence, which was allowed, back in the day. City code doesn't go that high now; anything over six feet requires a special permit.

After a couple of years, most of it was still good, but the bottom had gotten pretty rotten, so the neighbor got a guy to come take it down, cut a foot off the end, and put it back up. 

But, as you can see, the wood has finally gotten to the point that a squirrel running along it, or a cat leaping up can snap the top segment right off, got a couple of gap-toothed spots, so we have to get it replaced. A good neighbor fence, which means it looks the same on both sides, split with the the neighbor will run us about seven hundred bucks each–two estimates–and they'll haul away the old wood, so that's what we'll do, soon as we have a couple not-raining days strung together. 

Then, of course, there is the roof, the counter-tops and sink in the kitchen, and the floors  and new carpets in the queue ...

When you own a house, you don't get to call the landlord for repairs ...

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