Monday, April 01, 2013

A True and Terrifying Story

I hesitated to put this up today, it being April Fool's Day, but it's true, I swear, you can look it up. A while back, looks like 2009, a handicapped man on the "It's a Small World" ride got stuck when the ride malfunctioned. It was only for half an hour or so, but during the time he was subject to the insidious ear-worm of the song they play during the ride.

He was wheelchair bound and apparently subject to panic attacks

If you have ever been on the ride, you know the song. You can't forget it. Even me mentioning it here calls it to mind, doesn't it?

Ride it once, know it forever ...

Apparently it took three hours to get the guy stabilized medically after they got him off the ride. 

So he sued for mental distress, and won. Unfortunately, he only got about eight grand. Not enough. Disney officials weren't pleased, but just because they work in the happiest place on Earth doesn't make them so ...


Anonymous said...

Recently I was stuck in the same ride. They turned off the music.

Anonymous said...

Sung to the tune of, "It's a Small World."

It's a world of torture
a world of pain
It' a world of monsters
that eat your brain
They will suck on your bones
and you'll die all alone
It's a cruel world after all

It's a cruel world after all
It's a cruel world after all
It's a cruel world after all
It' a cruel, cruel world

I used to work at Disneyland.

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of riding that thing in it's original incarnation: the NY World's Fair in 1965. When I later ran across it in Disneyland, I refused to even wait outside while my wife took the kids- the "song" polluted the air around it. I'd wait around the corner on a bench.

One of the worst earworms of all time.