Saturday, March 30, 2013

Screen Door - Southern Food

We discovered a new-to-us southern restaurant on the east side, The Screen Door. 2300 block of East Burnside. Open for brunch on the weekend, and dinner weekday evenings, but not lunch, apparently. 

The place was packed, they don't take reservations, and there was a waiting list ahead of us. The decor is run-down diner, it is noisy as can be, but ...

Oh, boy, the food is great and there is a lot of it.

I had the Fried Chicken Cathead Biscuit Sandwich, which is every bit as heart-stopping as it sounds. Came with grits, country sausage gravy, and it was huge, although only half as big as the chicken waffle with its three slabs of fried chicken ...

The iced tea was fresh. The grits perfect. Reasonable prices. Easy to see why the place was doing business.

So good it made me want to lick the plate.

We won't be spending much time there, though, tasty as it was; that's 'cause it's heart-clogging food, and bad for you in all kinds of ways, butter, cream, grease, salt, name it.
I may not have to eat for the rest of the week.

You might be making a visit to Heartburn and Gas City afterward, too, but there you go. Every pleasure has its price ...

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Ed said...

That looks awesome, I can almost smell and taste it!