Monday, June 25, 2012

It was a Joke ...

Yesterday, I thought it would be funny to post a joke on my Facebook page. I wrote this:

"So, guy came by to visit, brought some beer. I opened it and poured some, but it's so dark and strange-looking! Sure ain't no Bud. Hmm. Maybe it'll make good slug bait to keep 'em off my strawberries ..."

Since it was aimed at a particular friend, I didn't expect others who read my posts would necessarily get it. Couple of them knew who I was jabbing at–as do most folks who drop round here. Hint: his initials are the same as the first letters in the words "Barium Enema."

What I thought was really funny were the responses from folks who believed I was serious. They wouldn't have any way of knowing, most of them, since we haven't ever met, save 
online. But it does show that a Facebook friend is not the same as a drinking buddy ...

For the record, I do like microbrews–I tend to favor Black Butte Porter and Hammerhead  at the local brewpub, and whatever is on nitro–if it's not some fruity concoction. 

I haven't had Budweiser probably since high school, before I was old enough to drink legally.

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