Saturday, May 05, 2012

Last Train to Lardsville

Came across an old posting when I was looking for something else–odd how those connections sometimes get made. The subject of the post was eating healthy or not, and the discussion was about the shrimp Diablo burrito at Baja Fresh. 

I offered that it was tasty, O so tasty! but full of fat and calories. I allowed as how I would eat one now and again, lack of health benefits notwithstanding, and there ensued some small discussions in the follow-up.

One of my comments there was: "Still, if you never indulge yourself, you still get to die, and then you've missed things that might not have mattered in the long run. One looks for 
balance ..."

In dealing with subjects like this, I think it is good to remember that. Lifespans are limited, we all get to shuffle off, some sooner, some later, but being a diet/body Nazi doesn't convey immortality. Eating well and exercising will give you a better quality of life while you here than not, I think that's pretty well established, but it doesn't make you bulletproof ...

Food, as they say, for thought. And happy Cinco de Mayo. 


steve-vh said...

Went to the local "Kielbasa Idol" last night. 12 markets showcasing their polish sausage, $5 wristband.
That's alot of sausage in one short timespan!! Can't do that again for a while.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Yep. I have cheeseburgers probably once a week. Should I? Of course not, and if I could live forever by cutting out that burger I surely would. But since I'm getting mowed down at some point anyway, the occasional burger doesn't do anything except move the probability of when a tiny bit...