Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Avengers: Quick Look

I finally got around to seeing it, week after it opened. Even so, the theater was relatively crowded. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out a lot of folks are going back to see it again. My son and I watched the 2D version and didn't miss the extra EFX at all. And I'd watch it another time on the big-screen, too. 

Best summer movie since the X-Men reboot, and it was a good thing, too. They have been sticking hints and previews into every Marvel movie for the last few years. 

Did they pay it off?


Yeah, the story is thin, and the characters not really deep either, unless, of course you have seen those movies featuring Thor and Iron Man and Captain America and the Hulk, which, if you are a fanboy, you have, so you come equipped to accept the characters for who you already know they are. 

Loki is back, and bad as ever, and the high-tech whiz-bang stuff goes whiz and bang in spades. 

For the first time ever, Bruce Banner and The Other Guy, as he calls the Hulk, steal a movie. The two best lines in the picture are directed at the Hulk: One, by Captain America, and every fanboy in the world screamed and laughed when they heard it. The second is when Loki has something to say to the Hulk and if you don't laugh, your humor bone is broken beyond repair.

Everybody gets a super-hero turn, and they all kick serious ass and take names, exchange witty remarks, and by all means, stay until the last credit rolls for the tag. (There are actually two tags, once showcasing a possible villain, one funny one.)

Worth the trip.


Anonymous said...

This was a fine fine film. I had tears of nostalgia in my eyes for the second half of the film just because of just how convincingly and artfully (almost said tastefully and that would have been incorrect) they brought the characters of my childhood to life. I am particularly blown away by Downey's Iron Man-- I thought this movie was his from beginning to end.

Saw it twice, don't know if I can muster up a third, but hell, I would have been happy if they had simply not completely ruined it.

Great film, the best I've seen in ten years and I don't even like superhero flicks.

Steve Perry said...

Worth the money for sure. Don't get the big drink though.

Kristy said...

Must The Avengers is one of the best movie I have ever seen.Its really great.

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Unknown said...

As a Brit I was more impressed that Loki called the Black Widow a Quim. Haven't heard that since I was a youngster.