Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Five Seconds of Fame

For those of you who want to hear my Star Trek debut, you can see the opening sequence, a minute or so, streamed as a QuickTime movie by going here.

I suppose you could watch the whole episode if you want ...

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Edwin said...

I saw the whole episode shown theatrically in HD, introduced by Marc Zicree and George Takei, who did a Q&A session afterwards.

I did recognize your voice Steve, and the title roll proved me right. Well, at least it had a Steve Perry, but, given Michael Reeves' involvement it seemed a reasonable bet.

Folks, I have to say, go see this. It is just incredibly good. I would think it sits in the top ten of Star Trek The Original Series episodes. The script is just fantastic, George Takei does a phenomenal job, as do the others.

The writing, acting is very, very good. The special effects as good as anything in any of the Star Trek series and the production values are as good or better.

I was very, very impressed.

The next episode, "Blood and Fire," just finished its principal photography. For the fans: it was written and directed by David Gerrold of "The trouble with tribbles" fame ...

Go see this! Why are you here reading this blog? Trust Steve?

Or, to quote Roger Zelazny (what can I say, I love roleplaying and recently acquired the rights to publish a new version of the Amber Diceless Role Playing Game based on Roger's Amber books): "I am the soul of honor, kindness, mercy, and goodness. Trust me in all things. (Corwin to Dara).

The deal Star Trek New Voyages has it that they can do this as long as they are not making money. But with this episode they are now talking to Paramount and are looking to bring out "World Enough and Time" on DVD.