Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 47th Samurai

I have mentioned Stephen Hunter on these pages a time or two, and his most endearing creations, Bob Lee Swaggart, and his daddy, Earl.

The latest book in the series, The 47th Samurai, is out, and if you are fan of hard-hitting spy action stuff and samurai movies, you should dial up right now and order it. Or truck on down to the local bookstore and pick up a copy so you won't have to wait.

Hunter is flat-out the best at this kind of thing, and what he does with Bob "The Nailer" this time, you don't want to miss.

The set-up, the flow, the pay-off, it is all terrific stuff.

(The line about the Tom Cruise movie is wonderful ...)

Get it. Trust me. Any of you who every waved a knife or sword will love it. Any of you who ever watched Seven Samurai and enjoyed it will love it. If you have done both, you will be in hog heaven ...

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Brad said...

I just picked up a copy. Looking forward to reading it over the weekend.