Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Yeah, I was born down there and certainly that part of the country has its share of problems, but it was home for a long time, and it also has some good points. The song "Dixie" isn't really PC these days, although I find it amusing that it was supposedly Abraham Lincoln's favorite tune. I like it. Especially that slow version Bobby Horton did for Ken Burns's PBS documentary on The Recent Unpleasantness (though he mistakenly called it "The Civil War ...")

Anyhow, I came up with a slow instrumental version I like and since I wanted to give folks who might find it interesting a chance to hear what the new guitar sounds like, if you want to risk it, go here:


Starting Thursday morning next, I begin guitar lessons. Maybe a year or two from now, I'm still around, I can post a link to something better than this poor effort.

For you gearheads, this was recorded straight into my Mac via a Samson CO1U USB mike, using the program GarageBand, exported to iTunes, and then uploaded as a small MP3 file to SoundClick. It's not sweetened, save whatever GarageBand does automatically for its mixdown, and all the finger taps and squeaks are audible.

Me, I'm not so good, but -- don't the guitar sound fine?


Dan Gambiera said...

It was written by an abolitionist Yankee from Ohio, so it's fine by me.

Stickman said...

There's an icon you can click here on blogspot when you are entering your blog; it opens a window to put in the html link. First hightlight the word(s) you want to hyperlink. Voilá! That easy ...

Steve Perry said...

Thanks, Stickman, I appreciate the help.