Friday, September 22, 2006

Case in Point

So, the long awaited guitar case finally arrived. Goes well with the osage orange guitar Alan Carruth built, heavy and well-made, should protect the instrument just fine, and it looks waaay cool, with the faux-swamp gator and gold plush lining ...

Okay, I'm done buying stuff for a while. Back to work ...


Anonymous said...

How does the instrument sound? I am thinking of getting a similar guitar made by the same luthier.

Wow, this be strange. Of course, The Mighty Google sent me here, and I used as a search string "osage orange classical mp3", so, it's not so strange.

May I ask, how much he charged you? What other woods did he use? I want Osage, but if it doesn't lean towards the upper end of the spectrum enough ... Carruth has a recording of his "Autumn Guitar" and plays _Carol For the Birds_ on his site. That guitar sounds a little metallic for my tastes. I don't remember if the A.G. was an Osage guitar.

I am heavily into classical guitar, or used to be, though I am leaning now towards writing songs and I want to eventually post them on my Website at:

(Sorry for the shameless plug. An old quarter horse is a shameful plug.)

Steve Perry said...

If you go down the page from this posting, you'll see one detailing the Carruth guitar, with pictures.

I think it looks cool, and the rosette is incredible.

Basically, it's a cedar-topped, Osage Orange back and sides, and "South American cedar" for the neck. (Not cedar, but the same stuff they line cigar humidors with, apparently.)

I think it sounds terrific. I have a so-so recording of me playing "Dixie" with it. Playing isn't much, but you can heard the tone. Nothing tinny or metallic I can hear.

This is via a cheapo Samson condenser USB mike directly into a Mac and GarageBand.

I ordered the guitar a couple years ago, got it last September, and Alan has raised his prices since, but he's still underpriced for what he delivers.

Listen to it here:

Mark A. Quinn said...

I tried the link twice, and Drivecleaner tried to install itself on my drive, so I closed Firefox. It goes to the page, but then I'm automatically redirected to Drivecleaner. Thank goodness Vista, which isn't good for much, nuked it and asked me if I wanted to install it. I have popups disabled, and I set Firefox to warn me if a site is going to install an addon. Programs which promise to rid your computer of pornography, then treat your browser as some pornographic Websites do ... that's backwards logic, it seems to me.

I realize you're not responsible for Drivecleaner, and I'm just sorry I didn't get a chance to listen to your file.

Thanks for the effort. The guitar looks splendid.


Steve Perry said...

Hmm. Try clicking on the Blind Whitebread Perry link on my page. Last time I checked, it would get you there without problems.