Saturday, August 23, 2014

Customer Service

Spring of 2013, we had our kitchen redone. New floors, countertops, sink and faucets. As part of the deal, we had a new filtered drinking water spigot installed.

Recently, during an attempt to open a stubborn kitchen window, a slipped grip and flying elbow resulted in the spout of the drinking faucet being snapped off at the base. Like it was sliced off with a knife it was so clean …

So we called the guy at Chown, who had arranged for the work, and asked about ordering a replacement. Gave him the specs. Next day, he got back to us: The company, Mountain Plumbing Products, said, no problem, and they shipped us a replacement.

No charge.

The new part matched, fit, and are back up to speed. And a big thank you to Chown and to Mountain Plumbing Products. They didn’t have to replace the part for free, and I appreciate the customer service. 


Dave Huss said...

That always reminds me of the story of a Rolls Royce owner in England who, while driving down a country lane on day, had to swerve into a ditch to miss some livestock. The car , taking a jolt in the ditch, came to a halt with a loud bang and would not move. On further inspection, the driver discovered that the rear axle had snapped and the vehicle was disabled. Walking to the nearest town, the owner telephoned the manufacturer, who promised to send a repairman. The repairman arrived, repaired the vehicle and bid the driver a good day. After several weeks had went by, the owner, noticing that he had never received a bill for the repairs, telephoned Rolls Royce to inquire. When speaking to a customer service representative, the owner was informed that there was no bill, could not be a bill for a repair, because Rolls Royce axles do not break.
The whole story might be a fabrication, but I too have come across excellent customer service from some companies and always thank and make note of them.

Steve Perry said...

I remember hearing that Rolls Royce story long ago. True or not, it makes for a great tale ...