Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wrong Number

I have a dumb phone, so it doesn't do much, but it will receive and send messages.

These are a pain to send, because I have to use the number pad for each letter, cycling through to get to the right one.

Example, for those of you who never used a phone this ancient: If I want to say, "Hello," I have to go to the number 4, which has the letters GHI on it, toggle past the G to the H, select it, then wait a couple seconds. Then I go to number 3 (DEF) toggle to the E, select it, wait, then to 5 JKL, toggle to the L, select it, wait, select it again, then to 6, MNO, toggle to O ...

It takes longer to do it than it did to say it, so I don't use the message function unless I have no other choice. Sometimes I get messages, and responding to them will thus be terse.

Now and again, I get a call or message that was not intended for me. Got one of those last night:

"Here's the deal. I've always faked it to get it over with. But I really just don't want to do that with you. I think it can happen. So I refuse to fake it."


It was late, and I didn't feel like fooling with it, so I didn't. But this morning, I got another one:

"I'm heading up to your neck of the woods. :)"

Hmm. They didn't know they were talking to me and somebody might be getting a surprise. However embarrassing it might be for the sender, I needed to let them know I wasn't the guy they thought I was. I texted back "Wrong number."

Got a response: "Sorry."

Never a dull moment ...


Dave Huss said...

Had an old standard flip phone until january this year that you texted with the same way. Changed carriers and they couldn't hook it to our new service. Had to learn to use the Droid. Still like the reliability and ruggedness of the old "Brick" phone. Time marches on....

Steve Perry said...

I checked the area code on the call, it was from Kentucky.

Kind of like the old joke: Guy gets a message on his answering machine. "You son-of-a-bitch, if I see you talking to my wife again, I'm going to kill you!" Only he doesn't say who he and his wife are ...