Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cold and Dusty

Been chilly at Steve's house the last couple days, down to 18ºF. this morning when I got up, going down a couple-three degrees more tomorrow. Dry, which is good, but you have to layer up to walk the dogs. 

We are pleased to have replaced our furnace last season for a high-efficiency one with a neato-keen thermostat that is smarter than I am. 

I mentioned here recently that I had contacted the city regarding my personal flood plain, due to the depressed section of concrete at the curb by my driveway. Lo and behold! the city actually sent a couple guys out to take a gander. Can I get a hallelujah?

No, come to think of it, probably that wouldn't be appropriate. Read on:

Looking at the standing water the city guys nodded and said, "Yep. that's a problem, all right."

And you want to guess whose responsibility it is to repair it? You there, waving your hand and grinning?


City will fix the section just east of it, because there's a utility box and that is their bailiwick  but it's my trees what have raised the concrete, and our neighborhood is responsible for the sidewalks and the curbing twixt the macadam and our houses. Part of the deal, apparently, when the original contractor built these houses.

So, I got online, found a local guy who does grinding, and even as we speak, clouds of silica dust blow past the window as the diamond-disk chews up concrete and rocks …

The good things are, this is what the contractor does mostly and he says it's not a problem. And business is a little slow in December, so he gave me a deal on the bid. Bad thing is I have to pay for it. But if it keeps our yard from turning into Lake Perry come the big rain, it's worth it. 

And so it goes …

Oh, yeah, now it's done. If you are local and need concrete grinding? The company is Centerstone, the contractor's name is David Eubanks. Thumb-up on his work. 

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