Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Horror!

Computer crashed yesterday. I was trying to record something, and the new mic wasn't picking up any input. So I disconnected it and restarted the system ...

For those you without Macs, the restart is a known fix for many problems, only this time, instead of the little apple, I got the little circle with the line through it, which is bad. 

Got a prompt to run First Aid, which I did. Everything is fine, First Aid said, we're all fine here, how are you? 


Computer is only eight months old, so I had Apple Care™, but but I still had internet connectivity, so I managed to download and re-install the OS, which in my case is one back, Mountain Lion. (I am waiting until the first round of fixes are done for the next OS, i.e., Mavericks. There are bugs, and installing anything that is version xx.0 is always iffy. Having read the comments about problems, I can wait, it's not going to give me stuff worth the risks.)

So after 2-1/2 hours, the download and restart happened, and everything is working now.

How did I trash my OS-X? God only knows, but after updating it, it seems to be okay, so … there you go. Another pothole in the information highway ...


Brad said...

I bought my wife a Mac Air for Christmas last year, after the latest update when it restarted, I got a log in prompt saying I had no OS installed. Took it to the Genius Bar near the house, and she had it back next day, nothing lost. The tech said they just restarted 3 times, after running several diagnostic programs on it, and that was it. If it was Linux or even Windows, I'd have done it myself. But she loves her Mac and doesn't want me to even look at it funny.

Justin said...

A happy ending and a chuckle-worthy Star Wars reference. Everyone wins!

Anonymous said...

Some pipes break glass, yours crashes Apples.

See you at Orycon as per usual? Would like to get a book or two marked up.