Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Been a busy week hereabouts. 

My nephew and his fiancé are on a long camping trip and they swung by for a visit. Been here a few days, we had a barbecue and the family over for meet 'n' greet. Lovely young woman, the fiancé.

Both Jude and Layla have had their sorta-annual visits to the vet, which cost a small fortune, and Thursday, Jude is having surgery to remove a lump on his chest. The needle biopsy was not definitive, but the treatment is the same either way. That won't be cheap, either.

There is an upcoming gig for a Real Musician™ I know from our jam group who is letting us back him for a few numbers at an outdoor market. I need to learn to play and sing six songs on the ukulele by then, and then is coming up soon.

There's an upcoming martial arts seminar to benefit my teacher, whose medical problems caused a scare. He's fine now, but the bills for the treatment are large.

My wife hurt her back working out,  and while it wasn't majorly crippling, it was enough to slow her down. 

The old dog we recently acquired, Crombie, is doing very well, better than expected, but that's one more little thing that has to be attended to–she's not quite used to the house and we can't leave her alone until she recognizes that peeing outside is the way to go ...

And, of course, the novel upon which I am cranking  away at a speed I thought I'd left behind, back in the good old days, is no less overdue than it has been.

The Mini needs new tires and Costco not only doesn't have any, they can't get any in that size.

Odd how it happens. Rolling along, things under control, and all of a moment, we get busy. Sometimes it is precipitated by a big event; my father's passing and the trip to and from Louisiana, with its sequela. 

And sometimes, it's just, you know, one little thing and then another and another and all of sudden, they add up ...

And the beat goes on ...

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AnnieB said...

Can only commiserate with you on most of the recent events (having a slightly shorter list myself). As far as work-in-progress (Cutter's War #3?), readers like me appreciate good writers like you, so we'll see it when we see it. Family and friends and critters who depend on you are more important.