Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Now and again, one does something foolish. Yesterday, while cleaning up in the kitchen, I opened the trash bin's lid to discover it was full. Now, the thing to do in this situation is to remove the bin bag and haul it outside to the garbage can, put in a new bag, and go on about one's business.

Naturally, I didn't do that. I shoved it down a bit to save myself a trip. 

On the face of it, that doesn't sound all that foolish, Steve. Pray, go on.

We separate out a lot of recycling stuff, glass paper, but not cat food cans. There was one such empty container under the top layer of goop in the kitchen's bin. 

With a nice, sharp-edged peel-up lid right next to it.

You see where this is going, right?

I yelled a bad word for feces several times. Wife came running, dogs fled for the back door.

Nice clean cuts on both the index finger and thumb of my right hand. Not major slices, no sutures necessary, but it makes playing guitar or uke a bit more difficult.

Finger was middle joint, so I got a pass there, and the cut on the thumb was off to one side, but that bandage wasn't going to hold up very well when strumming, given how it had to be positioned. So I super-glued that cut shut and custom-scissored a bandage to be thin and used that. Works okay.

But lesson learned: When the trash bag is full, dump it ...


steve-vh said...

2nd lesson learned should be always remove can lids and put inside can and/or recycle them.

Steve Perry said...

Well, the problem is that the lid and the can don't go into the trash at the same time. Our cat will chow down maybe half a can at a session. So we peel the lid, toss it, then plastic wrap the can and stick it into the fridge until the next meal.

Even with the cat, we don't use enough cans to fill a bin in three or four months, and even if we did, they don't collect those per se -- we have garbage, yard debris, glass, and paper/plastic recycle bins. One is supposed to wash out the cans, flatten them, and take them somewhere, and me spending any part of my life doing that for what doesn't seem like much environmental impact? Not gonna happen.

I just won't shove the kitchen garbage down barehanded any more ...