Thursday, December 27, 2012

Growing Old Gracefully

Piece in today's paper, a New York Times writer, going on about how the old geezers of rock 'n' roll should, you know, keep all them wrinkles and sags covered up, no matter how good a shape they might be in.

He's reviewing the 12/12/12 concert, and starts with Roger Daltrey, 68, who–gasp!–has his shirt unbuttoned! and, geez Louise, the twitterverse allows that tan and abs have to be fake! Because, you know, a man that age couldn't possibly be, you know, buffed!

And for God's sake, let's not see Iggy Pop with his shirt off! As if anybody has ever seen Iggy with his shirt on ...

Ageism, pure and simple, from a Gen X'er who doesn't want to see somebody his father's age strutting around on stage bare-chested no matter how fit he might be.

I find it particularly ironic that there is a Calvin Klein underwear ad on the page, featuring two buffed twenty-somethings in their scanties. Nothing wrong with skin, provided it is young, hey?

As a geezer, I'm always happy to see older folks who have stayed fit enough so they are inspiring to others old enough to remember when Gen X was just a gleam in their parents' eyes. Better a fit seventy-year-old in the buff than a not-so-svelte thirty-something.

And that the kids don't want to know that grampa and grandma might still be–ugh!–still having sex and all? Horrors!

Hey, kids? Piss off. You might survive to be our age someday, and if you do? I expect you'll be singing a different song  when you get here ...


Chester said...

Dear fellow Gen-X ers. You are round about 40ish now. Take a look in your own mirror, and welcome to middle age.

Great post Steve. Some times ( ok, Often) my generation needs to be reminded to show at least a modicum of respect for the boomers before us.

Nuthin but love, and happy new year to you and yours.

Kris said...

Just one more example of how most of society is driven by (unacknowledged) existential angst, in one form or another.